Vision: A Resource for Writers is about to complete the tenth year in publication. The next issue will be #60! I would like to hear from any regular readers for a special section in the next issue.

One of the big changes is dropping the TOC page and going straight here, so that you are not required to make an extra click to get to the articles. I am also returning to having a snippet and link to many of the articles (below) like we used to have in early issues.

We have a wonderful array of articles to kick off the new version! I hope you enjoy them.

From the Editor:

It's nearly NanNo Time again!


Inkygirl Comic -- by Debbie Ridpath Ohi

Not so short Story


Questions for Authors -- by Lazette Gifford

1. If you are writing a story in the world of today, how much world building do you do before you begin writing and how much during the first draft?

2. For those who write science fiction and fantasy: Do you ever adapt specific real-world places to your story?


Workshop -- by Lazette Gifford

There are shortcuts you can take in world building. This is the first of two articles that explore how to take things from the real world and morph them into something different.


Mar's Market -- by Margaret McGaffey Fisk

Last issue, I discussed markets that accepted the broad range of fantasy stories. This issue focuses on the science fiction part of the speculative fiction short story market


Advice for Young Writers -- by Elizabeth Chayne

Writing is fun. Sometimes. When some writers get into the "zone", it is possible for them to write whole chapters in one go. Perhaps you’ve had similar experiences. It’s a good day for writing; you feel good about your characters; and before you know it, you’ve gotten several hundred pages typed up. (Okay, maybe not several hundred, but perhaps 10+ pages)


Using Excel® to Create a Timeline by Cindy Clark

I've been looking for a good timeline program. I've tried the timeline in Liquid Story Binder but it wasn't what I wanted. I wasn't able to move items around easily and it also felt much harder to add in information.

I thought that using Excel might work.


Revision: Plotting Along by Keli Gwyn

"Where do I begin?"

That thought ran through my mind a number of times when I received my first set of revision notes from my agent, Rachelle Gardner, and learned that I needed to rewrite a large portion of my story. The first week after she sent the file, I had no idea how to answer the question. I needed time to absorb the feedback and allow myself to come to grips with the huge task ahead of me.


Let's Get Literal! By Violeta Nedkova

Imagine taking a simple sentence like ‘The words flew on the pages’ and coming up with an image of flying words all over the place, frantically looking for their rightful owners, complaining about misuse laws and redundancy policies.


Writing Comfortably -- by Erin M. Hartshorn

Writing rules are thick on the ground: Write every day. If you miss a day, make up the missed words the next day. Never make up the missed words because it'll make you feel so far behind you won't want to write. Set your goal low and keep increasing until you can't write more. Stop writing when you still feel fresh, so you won't be burned out when you sit down the next day. End in the middle of a thought, so starting up again is easier.


What Writers can Learn from Susan Boyle
by Lazette Gifford

I know some of you are going to shudder at the name. Haven't we had enough of Susan Boyle?

No, I don't think some of you have.


Book Review -- Reviewed by Erin M. Hartshorn

The title of This book draws on ideas used in Frey's other books (How to Write a Damn Good Novel, How to Write a Damn Good Novel II, The Key), but you don't have to have read anything else by him to get a lot out of this one..


Website Review -- Reviewed by Anne Lyle

Writing is a lonely business. In the past, you had to go to conventions and writers' conferences to meet fellow writers, but thanks to the Internet we take it for granted nowadays that you can communicate with like-minded people from the comfort of your own desk - and for free.


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