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April/May/June 2013





This month's issue features such odd things as a workshop on photography for writers and a review of the fun little Writte?Kitten! website. We are nothing if not ecclectic here. How about writing an outline for your short story? Why would you choose to write in a language other than your native tongue? Those are just a few of the articles for this issue and I think you're going to find them all interesting.


I am always looking for new articles. Read the submission guidelines and consider sending me an article or two about writing. I look forward to hearing from you.


In this issue:


From the Editor: Spring is Here!


We had snow last night, though not much. However, it's barely over freezing today and I am huddled back at my desk with the heater blowing at me. I want spring and flowers; I want a change of scenery. Inspiration can die in the same dark corner where you have been staring all winter.




Inkygirl Comic

-- by Debbie Ridpath Ohi


No More Plots




Workshop: Photography for Writers

-- by Lazette Gifford


Some of you are sitting there going . . . huh? Why are we talking about photography in an ezine dedicated to writing? There are a few good reasons, actually. Writers need inspiration and many of us find it in photography. Collecting pictures is more than just a key to memory; every time you save a vision of some place special, you can use the picture to help you recreate the place in words. Photography can be a wonderful help to world building.




Indie Corner: Effective EBook Front and Back Matter

-- by J A Marlow


This article is not about the story itself. It will assume you have finished the work and you are now making the hard decisions that come with publishing. One of the most time-consuming is putting together the front matter and the back matter of an ebook for the first time.




The Balanced Muse: Honor Your Truth

-- by Mary Caelesto


There's a truism that's rampant in the publishing industry: Don't speak out. There's talk of black lists where bad authors go, never to have their works accepted by a publisher again. I've heard of them, and while I don't agree with them, I know that there's one thing that will not land you on such a list at a good, respectable publisher.




A Plot Outline for Short Stories

-- by Suzan L. Wiener


Every authority on writing tells you to plot a short story, but no one seems to make an outline that a beginning writer can follow. An experienced writer will also find it invaluable to outline his/her short story to know where he/she is going with it and won't wind up by being frustrated.




The Plot: Avoiding Glitches

-- by Dr Bob Rich


Some writers grow a book organically. This is my preferred method now. I have a concept, get a general idea of what I want to achieve, create some people, and then get off the stage and let them take the story where they will.




5 Tips for a Successful Freelance Writing Career

--by April Aragam


People seem to be divided over whether one can truly have a successful freelance writing career. It is possible. It certainly takes hard work and commitment, but that's true for most jobs. This article discusses five ways to help you become a successful freelance writer.




Writer-Reader Emotion Connection

-- by J. A. Marlow


Today I just heard a rather foolish comment about writing. I won't quote it fully, but in essence the person said writing is good self-help and therapy, but don't inflict the world with your emotions.




A Second Language Writer

-- by Arike van de Water


When we talk about the language we write in, we often mean style and regional or social variety. But writing in English, whatever style or variety, is not a foregone conclusion. Many people abroad, and even in the United States, speak two or more languages. To us, choosing a language we want to write in means choosing an actual language from our repertoire, and English isn't the obvious choice.




Website Review: Written?Kitten!

-- Reviewed by Lazette Gifford


There is not a lot to say about this wonderful little site. The page has only two parts: The side on which you write and the side on which the picture appears. At the bottom is a drop down menu where you can set up to have a new kitten appear every 100, 200, 500 or 1000 words. Beside that is a word count and an 'About' button.




Book Review: Talk Up Your Book by Patricia Fry

-- Reviewed by Lazette Gifford


Patricia Fry's latest book for writers was something I approached with trepidation. I don't like speaking in public and the idea of setting up speaking engagements to promote my book could (almost) make me give up writing. However, it turns out this book is more than about speaking engagements. She has some excellent, common-sense and fun suggestions for 'talking up your book' in almost any situation.




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