Book Review: Talk Up Your Book by Patricia Fry


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Book Review:

Talk Up Your Book by Patricia Fry


Lazette Gifford

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Patricia Fry's latest book for writers was something I approached with trepidation.  I don't like speaking in public and the idea of setting up speaking engagements to promote my book could (almost) make me give up writing.  However, it turns out this book is more than about speaking engagements.  She has some excellent, common-sense and fun suggestions for 'talking up your book' in almost any situation.

Patricia Fry first presents a wonderful, concise presentation of many things writers can do to create a lively, exciting experience for both the author and the audience at live events.  She also includes ideas of how to get a speaking engagement and encourages seeking odd venues, and later in the book casts her net into wider fields, bringing us into the new world of social media.

Here is a very small example of the type of material you will find:



How to Create Presentation Topics Based on Your Book

When you schedule a speaking engagement designed to promote your book, can you provide a list of possible speech topics? In the case of a club or organization related to a specific topic or a certain period in history, for example, members might hear a dozen or so speakers every year. Program chairpersons appreciate having a choice of topics so they can stay away from those that have been covered within the last few months. It would behoove you to create a list.
Post the list at your website to demonstrate your range of possible programs for those who are seeking speakers or for those you have contacted and who want more information about you. Here’s an example from my list of presentations:

  •  Two Simple Steps to Successful Authorship
  •  How to Write a Killer Book Proposal
  •  Book Promotion for the Bold and the Bashful
  •  How to Get Your Book Reviewed Many Times Over
  •  Promote Your Book Through Magazine Articles
  •  Platform-Building Tips and Techniques for the Author
  •  How to Write the After-Publication Book Proposal
  •  The Psychology of a Book Proposal
  •  How to Use Your Personality to Sell More Books

 The book is filled with these small, easily digested bits of advice, so you can pick up the work and find something helpful on almost any page.  This means it's a perfect book for those few minutes you have waiting to pick up the kids from school or sitting in the doctor's office.  Patricia Fry does not lecture; she helps writers by showing them possibilities.  Her writing style is smooth and professional, and can help you with many of the questions you might have about personally promoting your work. This well-written book is 320 pages (in the pre-production PDF file), filled with such excellent advice that it could almost make me go out and set up speaking engagements just to give them all a try!  For anyone who wants to get in front of the public and discuss his or her work, this book is invaluable.



Publisher: Allworth Press; 1 edition (November 1, 2012)

ISBN-10: 1581159226