Questions And Answers Regarding Critique Groups


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Questions And Answers Regarding Critique Groups


Suzan L. Wiener

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Have you often wondered about joining a critique group but not sure how to go about it? Well, I have and know how daunting it can be to find just the right group. After much trial and error, here are tips that I found helpful. Hopefully, they will help you to find the perfect fit for what you are looking for in a critique group.


How do I go about finding a critique group?


The best way is to ask your writer friends which group(s) they belong to. Ask the ones with experience in the group. Find out whether it is geared to what you are interested in writing, such as mystery, romance, paranormal, etc. Of course, do consider other genres that you normally don't write. It will be well worth your while.


You can also check on if you don't have writer friends who know of any groups they would recommend. Just type in writer's critique groups, and then click enter on your keyboard. A page will come up showing you quite a few crit groups to choose from.


Here are a few that I know of. AbsoluteWrite, Critique Circle, and Critters Workshop. These are free, too, which is great. These are online and have been around for a long time. AbsoluteWrite is a writer's website, not a critique group per say, but they have a Share Your Work forum that is terrific. You can post your piece after you do 50 posts. You will 'meet' quite a few other writers who are friendly and extremely helpful.


(Editor's Note: Since I own both Vision: A Resource for Writers (this ezine) and Forward Motion for Writers website, I'll add that one in as well!)


How do I go about choosing a critique group?


It is always good to choose a group by the genre you want to get critiques on.


Also, make sure that the experience of the members are such that you will receive input from them, not only that they will receive input from you.


Before choosing a critique group, you can usually wait and see if you like the forums they have and would be of interest to you. Then you can join when you are ready.


How do I go about joining a critique group?


First, when joining, you need to register. You give a username name that you want others to know you as.


You need to follow the rules and regulations of the group. Usually, it is to respect your fellow members and to not harass others in the group.


You can always leave the group just by deleting your account, but hopefully you will like it a lot and be there for many years, gaining enough knowledge for your work to be published.


How can I keep other members from stealing my ideas?


You really don't have to worry about others stealing your ideas. The members are writers and usually have their own ideas and wouldn't dream of taking anything that wasn't their own creation. Of course, if you're still worried about it, you can just write the symbol (c) with your name and the year and that should suffice to remind them this is copyrighted material.  (Editor's Note: Any story you write is copyrighted the moment you create it.  Ideas are not -- but no two authors will ever create the same story from a single idea.)


If you follow the above, you will know doubt familiarize yourself with a critique group and get invaluable input from it as well as give it.