From the Editor (64)

Vision 64

From the Editor

Time and Change


Lazette Gifford

Copyright © 2011, Lazette Gifford, All Rights Reserved


Anyone who knows me constantly hears me talk about my lack of time. I have a lot of odd work: Weekly newsletters for one company, Forward Motion and Vision every other month. Updates here and there, work on other things.


Lately, I've found my writing has been suffering for it. When I realized I was spending more time trying to get caught up on everything else, and shoving writing into the various little bits and pieces of time I could find, I decided to make a change.


The first thing I did was tell the county that after 14 years, I no longer wanted to do their website. That took some of the weekly work away. And now I've made the decision to take Vision from every two months to quarterly. This cuts two issues a year which saves me time and money. Yes, I will be putting some of that time back into Vision in the form of updating the back issues -- but I needed to do that work anyway, and it would have taken yet more time from writing. And eventually, those back issues will be done and that will free up yet more time.


I want to write. I want to edit. I need to get that focus back or else I'll be tempted to shut down Vision altogether. I don't plan to do so, but there are times when I start looking around for what I could do away with, and things that cost me both time and money seem to leap right up at the top of the list, no matter how much I have enjoyed them.


So, now we're quarterly. I may change my mind and go back to every two months in the future, but right now I'm feeling more than a little relieved to know I can get this done and have a few weeks before I need to leap into the next issue.


I have books calling to me. I have more unfinished work right now than I ever remember having sitting around on my computer. And I have a rule that I must finish everything I start, and within a year of beginning it.


I can hear stories calling to me again. All I have to do is get the last of this work done