From the Editor: The End of Our Second Year


Vision 12


From the Editor:

The End of Our Second Year


Lazette Gifford

Copyright © 2002, Lazette Gifford, All Rights Reserved

Winter has come early this year.  We had our first snow in October -- not unheard of, but still startling.  The trees have changed color, the stray cats have all gotten their winter coats, and the flocks of birds have sat chattering in my trees at sunrise, preparing to head farther south to warmer weather.

I like it here in the US Midwest.   I love the changing of the seasons that mark the years.  I love the cold winter blizzards as much as the hot summer thunderstorms.  I like change.

Every two months I put together a new version of Holly Lisle's Vision: new articles, new views on writing habits, new ideas to try out.  We've had interesting interviews, and offers of articles from unexpected sources. 

I've grown with Vision.  I have learned about being an editor, which I find I like far better than I had expected.  I've learned new writing techniques from the articles I've accepted and edited.  It has been a learning experience all the way around.

So, what will our third year of production bring?

Next year the theme articles for Vision will follow the story creation process from generating characters to submitting the finished project:

  • January/February -- Characters
  • March/April -- World building
  • May/June -- Plotting & Outlining
  • July/August -- Putting it all together
  • September/October -- Revising
  • November/December -- Submissions and Rejections


I hope that you'll enjoy going through these steps with us, as well as reading all the other sections of the ezine.

Thank you for a great second year! And good luck with your writing!