How to Set Goals that Benefit Your Income and Dreams


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How to Set Goals that Benefit

Your Income and Dreams


April Aragam

Copyright © 2014, April Aragam, All Rights Reserved


Many writers set writing goals at the beginning of the year. Some also break those yearly down into monthly goals. At whatever frequency you decide to set your goals, it’s important that you set the right ones. This article outlines 4 ways that you can better set goals that benefit your dreams and your income.

Do: Evaluate the publications you write for

Make a list of all of the publications you wrote for in the past year and decide if writing for them has been worth your time. You may notice that you spent too much time writing for a publication that doesn’t pay enough. Do you want to continue dedicating so much time for so little money? On a fresh sheet of paper make a list of the publications you’re willing to continue writing for. Don’t feel bad cutting out publications that don’t benefit your income or your dreams.

Don’t: Reset the same goals over and over

If you’ve been setting the same goal for a number of months or years without actually making any progress on it, it’s time to set a new goal. Writing down the same goal constantly will cause it to be less and less exciting. If it’s a goal you want to achieve, it’s not one you’ll avoid. Instead of writing down the goal yet again, reword it so it’s not exactly the same, but similar, or remove it altogether for a while. You want to set goals that excite and challenge you.

Do: Aim higher

You’d probably love to bring in more money each month and you probably have at least one dream publication you want your work in. If you’re going to set goals, you may as well set some high ones in addition to your reasonable ones. There is never a wrong time to aim high. Sometimes you just need to take the risk and query a magazine you love and have a great idea for. If you’ve been writing for the same publication for years, take a chance and ask for an increase in what you’re paid. If you earn $100 per article, ask for $110. The worst that can happen is you’re denied the increase, but you have to at least ask.

Don’t: Become too content

When you make a big sale or have a really good week of writing, it’s not uncommon to want to reward yourself by taking some time off. While it’s good to reward a job well done, you don’t want to set yourself back. Taking time off or spending the money you just made will put you right back where you started. Instead of getting content with one big sale, use it as motivation to make more sales. On your next day off treat yourself to a little something, without using the full amount of the pay check you earned. If your goal is to earn more money and appear in more publications, you don’t want to slow down your momentum.

In order to achieve your financial and dream goals you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone. You’ll have to work more, take more risks, and b willing to overcome obstacles that are going to stand in your way.