Doggerel Contest Winner

Vision 1

Doggerel Contest Winner

Copyright © 2001, 2011, Allison Starkweather, All Rights Reserved


The Rules were simple:

Write a poem about writing, using the work of another poet as your base. Any published poet is fair game -- Whitman, Shakespeare, Belloc, either Browning, Andrew Marvell . . .

And the Winner is:

Sittin' There, by Allison Starkweather

(Diving Board, by Shel Silverstein)


You’ve been in front of that keyboard

Making sure the font is right.

You’ve made sure that you know the plot.

You’ve made sure that the story's tight.

You’ve made sure that you’re in the mood.

You’ve made sure you know the motivation.

You’ve made sure that you’ve had some food,

And that it’s in the right location-

And you’ve been sittin’ there day and night

Doin’ everything...but WRITE.

©2001, Allison Starkweather