Poetry Resolutions for the New Year


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Poetry Resolutions for the New Year


Jennifer St.Clair Bush

Copyright © 2002, Jennifer St.Clair Bush, All Rights Reserved

To be a poet, one must write poetry. To be a writer, one must write. This past year, I’ve been a great writer, but a not-so-great poet. I haven’t submitted a single poem for publication, and the ones I have written were specifically for Vision or for a novel I finished in May. When I started to think about this article, I wondered how many other poets were in the same situation as I. How many of you reading this consider yourselves poets but haven’t written a poem in more than a month?

I thought so.

I tend to forget to write poetry. The urge to write poetry is always in the back of my mind, lurking and waiting to catch me unawares. I get inspiration for poetry in the strangest places, usually involving me in a car without any paper. Poetry comes to me late at night when I’m about to fall asleep and forces me to climb out of bed to write down the remembered lines before they slip away, never to return.

Last year, I posted my New Year’s Resolutions on the Discussion Board, and actually managed to accomplish a few of them, but those were all writing-related. This year, I think I’m going to create three or four separate sets of resolutions for each piece of my life. That way my writing goals will not be interspersed with my goal to have a clean house.

With that in mind, I propose that the poets reading this article join with me in writing a set of poetry resolutions for the New Year. They don’t have to be lofty goals, like becoming the Poet Laureate or writing a poem a day; smaller ones will do just fine, say a poem a month or learning how to write a sonnet.

I invite you to post your resolutions on the Poetry Board along with mine. As the year goes on I will periodically remind you of them (as I’m sure you will remind me of mine). We can share both successes and failures as we strive to become better poets for the New Year.

Poetry Resolutions for 2002:

 Remember to post Poetry Dare for April, which is National Poetry Month. (This will involve writing a poem a day for the entire month of April!)

Write one poem a month, minimum.

Work on the schematics for the rhyming novel poem I’ve always wanted to write. (This will be an interesting experiment. I’ve wanted to write an epic poem for a long time, but I think it will need a bit more planning that the usual poem or novel.)

Critique poems on the Poetry Board in a timely manner.

 Research poetry markets, and share what I find with the other Forward Motion poets. (This is something I really need to do, for myself and for everyone else out there!)

Do an interview with a published poet for Vision. (I have one or two in mind, but they don’t know it yet.)

Write my poetry articles in a timely manner. (This is important, too. If I can write a novel in 15 days, I can write my poetry articles on time!)