4 Tips For Writing Saleable Dating and Relationship Articles

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4 Tips For Writing Saleable Dating and Relationship Articles



April Aragam

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Dating and relationship articles are known as evergreens. They are popular all year long and never go out of style. This doesn't mean that whipping off articles about relationship will mean instant sales. You have to know what's going on in the world of dating and relationships. This article outlines 4 ways you can begin to write more saleable dating articles.

1. Write as if talking to a son or daughter

Times have changed since you were newly dating, so it's important to brush up and learn how dating is done these days. It's hard to write a dating or relationship piece these days without somehow including discussions about texting or online dating. If you write articles that are more geared toward dating in the 60s or 70s before technology entered the picture, you're going to have a hard time making sales. Always imagine that your audience is of a younger generation, your children, nieces or nephews, or even grandchildren, unless you are specifically targeting a market for older generations who are interested in dating.

2. Don't be preachy

Regardless of the age group you are targeting with your piece, you don't want to come off preachy and sounding like a know-it-all. It's important to learn how to give advice without saying that it's the only way things should be done. You are simply trying to give daters new ideas to try. Try to write in a way you would actually speak when giving advice to a close friend. You certainly wouldn't want to make her feel badly and you don't want your readers to feel badly either. What you do want to do is give them hope.

3. Use advice you've given or received

You don't have to make an article personal, though you can, to use advice that you and your friends have given to each other. If you are comfortable writing article in the first person, you can definitely do that. Some publications actually prefer it, but for most it's not required. You can turn advice you've shared or received into list articles, how-to articles, and even do's and don'ts articles.

4. Offer more than recycled advice

Some dating and relationship topics have been done to death. If you do choose to write on a topic that's written about a lot, you need to put a unique spin on it. If a certain topic usually addresses women, try addressing a male instead. Putting a new spin on an old idea is a great way to get the attention of editors and readers. Don't be afraid to tackle topics that aren't discussed too much. Some issues can be difficult to write about especially if they are considered taboo, but they are worth writing about because you might reach someone who needs to hear what you have to say and know they aren't alone.

Writing dating articles doesn't always have to be serious business. You want to give advice that is useable, but you can make dating and relationship articles fun and entertaining at the same time.