5 Things That Should Be On Your To-Do List Every Month


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5 Things That Should Be

On Your To-Do List Every Month


April Aragam


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Wouldn't it be nice to just write and let the money flow in every single month? That's definitely a dream, but unfortunately writing is more than a passion. It's also a serious business. You don't want to consume your entire writing time with the business side of things, so the following is a list of five things that you should do once a month.

1. Update your portfolio

You should include the link to your portfolio on your social media sites as well as in your email signature. This is the best way for editors to see where you've been published, learn more about you, and find your contact information. It's a good idea to keep your portfolio updated. You don't want editors to view your portfolio and see that it hasn't been updated in four months. They might get the impression that you're not taking on new work and hesitate to contact you. You don't have to obsess about updating your portfolio each week or with every new piece you have published. Once a month is a good time frame for updating your portfolio. 

2. Query at least one new market

You might be happy and kept busy with the markets you currently write for, but it never hurts to explore other markets. If you've put dreams of breaking into certain markets aside, begin to query them. You may also begin to earn more money and hit income goals you've only been dreaming of until now. Pick one new market each month that you will study and query. One new query a month might not seem like enough, but if you're already kept busy with work, that's all you may have time for. If you can query more and want to query more, by all means do!

3. Send out invoices

Writing is your job and it's important to be paid for your work. Even if you have a contract with a publication, you should still send out an invoice after the work is completed. It's a good habit to implement into your writing business to keep on top of your payments owed. You can send these invoices via email. To save yourself time, send out invoices on the same day each month. Don't consume yourself with this task.  

4. Keep in touch with editors

It's important to keep in touch with editors that you work with often. Even if you're not working on a piece for them for them during the next month or two, you can still keep in touch with them via email. Doing this keeps your name in front of them. The last thing you want is to be forgotten. Email your editor to know let her know you enjoyed a piece in the latest issue. When you are getting closer to needing new assignments, ask your editor if she has any current needs that you can write for.

5. Go over your finances

It's extremely important as a writer to keep close track of your finances. You need to know exactly how much is coming in and going out. Writing income can vary from month to month, which makes tracking and planning very important. You don't want to be spending more than you have. Creating a budget and sticking to it, is crucial as a freelance writer.

Writing may be your dream job, but it's important to the business side running smoothly as well.