Web Review Creative Purrsuits' Writers' RestStop

Web Review

Creative Purrsuits' Writers' RestStop

By Lazette Gifford

©2001, Lazette Gifford 

Well, you know you can't go wrong with a site that starts out with a name like Creative Purrsuits.  I mean we all know about the corollary between writers and cats, right? 

But seriously, if you are looking for a new material to help you with your creative endeavors, try RestStop Writers’ Newsletter, at www.creativepurrsuits.com/reststopnews/index.html. Created to “stimulate and inspire you to bigger and better things in your writing career,” RestStop is a graphically pleasing site with lots of links and numerous sidebars of information important to writers. The current issue includes a look at creating great characters, a part of the regular writing exercises column by Rita Marie Keller, as well a look at the connection between health and writing, by Joy Held. 

This on-line newsletter also features a number of articles, including tips on writing for the greeting card companies, how to write Ezine articles that get read, and keeping your science in your articles.  There are writing exercises, and a list of interesting web sites to check out.  Be sure to check out the links at the very bottom of the page.  They're easy to miss the first time through, but they're well worth your attention.

If the current issue isn’t enough for you, be sure to check out the archives. There are over thirty more articles waiting to be discovered! Like all writing sites, some articles are better than others, but I found a number of them that were helpful. The material covers a wide range of the writing spectrum, with everything from organizational aides to bottom-line writing skills. 'Eight Great Ways to Jump Start Your Writing' is a great piece on little things that can help you overcome writer's block.  And ' Holey 3x5 Cards Empower Creativity and Organization' had a very interesting idea for sparking creativity. 

(Did I mention it has a cat theme?)  

Seriously, for a site with the modest ambition of adding a little lift to a day, Creative Purrsuits goes far beyond that goal! 'Let's get inspired' is the theme, and The RestStop for Writers lives up to that proposal.  While you are wandering through the site, also be sure to check out the numerous links found on different pages.  Sign up for the newsletter.  Read Miss Tabby's advice. 

Overall, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. 

And don't forget the cats...