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Lazette Gifford

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The Word for 2012 is . . . patience.


For many various reasons, this is a word I need to examine and define again. There can be a fine line between patience (waiting, not pushing for things outside my control) and laziness (not doing the things I can, even if I am waiting for other stuff). I like to use the word procrastinate, because it does sound oh-so-much-better than lazy, but there comes a time when a person has to fess up to it.


Still, that's slightly different from the 'patience' problem. I want things to happen now. I'm sure we're all aware of how well that kind of an attitude works in life, let alone in the writing world. This has been a year when even ideas have been slow to develop for me. They're there, but they just don't want to come out fully into the light.


Patience has paid off in that respect. I had the start of a really wonderful new epic fantasy novel worked out and I wanted to do it for NaNo this year. However, for various reasons, I could not get the outline to move fast enough. I finally admitted to myself that I couldn't get it done in time and took it off the list for NaNo. I had other stories, after all. (Beware the Wrath of Bunny Hopper was a lot of fun to write!)


So I moved Water/Stone/Light to the novel I'll start on January 1, 2012. I always start a new story on the first day of the year, so I knew I would need something anyway. This has proven to be an excellent choice. The outline is still not moving as fast as I would like, but I will have the entire first third outlined and I can start the book and keep working on towards the end of the outline. I don't normally work that way, but I like to experiment, so I'm open to it.


Patience and not forcing the outline worked. I would not have had nearly as good a story to work with as I do now. Of course, I could tell myself that I should put it off longer. I start a new novel on my birthday in March, too. Wouldn't it be better if I held off longer, worked more with the outline?


But there we get back to laziness again. I still have time to get a good amount of the outline done if not all of it. If I told myself I didn't have to start on January 1, I could start procrastinating now, and about the end of April I would find myself much in the same position, trying to get the outline done before I start the novel.


Goals work well for me. I can focus on a date, look at what I have and . . . .


Maybe panic ought to be my word for 2012?