From the Editor: When a Nudge Helps

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Editor's Note: When a Nudge Helps


Lazette Gifford

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I was not going to take part in March Madness on Forward Motion this year. Far too busy. I had even forgotten to post about the challenge until people nudged me. I put together a quick picture, posted the rules and went back to work on other things, knowing the Challenge would begin in a few hours.


I wanted to join in. I really did. But too much work! Newsletter, e-zine, site updates.


Novel desperately crying for me to spend more time with it.


No. Work. Had to get all kinds of work done, because if I didn't. . . .


What? The world would end?


Yes, there were things I did need to complete before the end of the month. Some were major and required hours of work. Some would not take much time at all if I put my mind to it. And what would happen if Vision: A Resource for Writers happened to be a day late getting up? Or two?


No one was going to die if I happened to be a day late with the next issue of Vision.


There are times when a person has to say 'I want to do this for me' and not let everything else in the world hold you back. This, I think, is especially true for writing. Authors who are not under contract to get something done far too often face the accusation that they're wasting time. Sometimes we even do it to ourselves.


I am an author. I make income from writing. And yet there are still times when I think I ought to be doing something else instead.




I need to be doing both.


I really wanted to write. I had the urge to leap into a the novel and run with it. So I laid out the plan of what I need done before the end of the month. Then, when March Madness started, I signed up with the plan of writing 3,000 words a day for a week.


I wrote over 10,000 words the first day.


I wrote another 10,000 words the second day.


I wrote over 7,000 words the third day.


I am a bit behind on all the work I thought I had to do before the end of the month. However, I think I'm still going to have everything finished pretty much on time. It's just taking a little more focus and effort.


Sometimes the nudge to do a bit more than we think we can is exactly what a person needs to move on a story. Not to go crazy like I have this week, but at least to press a little harder and to force the brain to make those word choices which create a scene and keep moving on to the next one.


The nudge worked. The nudge was just what I needed to finally focus on the book and move forward in the flow of the story, rather than the start and stop I'd been doing since the first of the year. The characters came alive and the plot moved from one action the next.


You never know what you can do until you give yourself permission to try, and stop making excuses not to do it.