From the Editor Why Don't You Write?


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From the Editor:

Why Don't You Write?


Lazette Gifford

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Why don't you write?


I've been looking over a lot of information on why writers don't write. It's there on almost every writer's blog, as well as heard in chat and on Twitter. The common thoughts are lack of energy, lack of ideas and lack of time.


And all of those are good, valid reasons. However . . .


Maybe this is just me, but I rarely see people say they want to write.


That 'want' is an important aspect of writing. An obvious one, so there's no great huge surprise when considering it. But I don't see people say they want to write very often. Except in a "I want to write, but . . ." statement.


Time is the key. Time is the evil that steals our days away and disappears when we aren't paying attention. A few minutes here on the Internet, an hour or so talking on the phone, a few shows at night; the day is done.


Maybe you'll get a little writing done tomorrow, right? You'll have more energy. Your muse will get back from vacation.


Maybe tomorrow you'll want to write.


There's a word most people don't care to think about when it comes to writing: Work.