Editor's Note: It's a New Year!


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Editor's Note:

It's a New Year!


Lazette Gifford

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I love starting out each year with something brand new to write. This year it is the third Summerfield book, Winter Warning. This is going to be a fun way to get started, but beyond this novel, the year is pretty much a blank slate. Shall I write the second book to Resurrection? The sequel to Water/Stone/Light? Shall I branch out into some new genre?


What about you?


People don't often think about the symbolism of the new year, and how it can be an opportunity for writers to try new things. This is a matter of mindset, and really you could do this at any time. Birthdays are good, too. The trick is to tell yourself you get to do something different. You get to experiment.


Writers need to experiment or else they run the risk of never learning the full extent of what they can do and what they want to do. There's always one thing to remember: These are only words. No one but you need ever see a first draft. If you fear making mistakes in writing you shouldn't attempt to be a writer. A writer cannot fear words.


So go out there and fearlessly write anything that you want to. Don't let others tell you what stories you can tell, either. Your only real duty as a writer is to make certain, in the final draft, that you have written the best story you can.


I don't know what stories I'll tell this year. I don't know what experiments I'll try. But I do know this is going to be a new adventure, just as every year is for me. I hope we all have fun!