From the Editor: A Race to The End


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From the Editor:

A Race to The End


Lazette Gifford

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The title for this little note overs all sorts of things. Let's start with my usual mad dash to get the ezine done and up on time. After 71 Issues, you would think it wouldn't be so hard. However, there are always little quirks that have to be addressed as the issue goes together. This issue's problems were magnified by the insane idea that I will now put together a version to be sold on Smashwords ( for $0.99 in hopes of building up a reserve of funds for future issues. After so many years, I would like to not do all of this out-of-pocket.



But there is another part of the title. July 1 starts JulNo -- the mid-year version of NaNoWriMo. Actually, there are two versions this July. Many people will take part in Camp NaNo, the version created by the original NaNoWriMo group. I, however, will be over at JulNo (, which has been going on far longer than Camp NaNo. JulNo also has a lot of the feel of the original NaNoWriMo ( from years ago. Take a look at the website review in this issue for more information. Join in, even if you are a little late.


I have been working on an outline for JulNo. I took an older novel (from my Devlin series) and stripped it down to the bare basics of plot and character. It should have been easy. Instead, I kept shoving things together, forcing the outline to move -- and realized finally that I just can't get it done in time.


So I am going to write something completely different. And I am going to fly without a net -- write the story without an outline. Pants it, as they say. The story has been playing around in my head for over a month and I haven't even had time to write down a few notes on it. I have several key scenes in my brain. I don't know how long this will be.


But it should be fun to do. An adventure.


That's my theme for this note, really. No matter how much work you have, and how little time you might get to write, don't forget that you have the ability to slip away into an adventure of your own making. Don't let the writing become just another job, dreaded and annoying because you feel you have to do it. Writing is an art form and it should be done because you want to create the story. There is no other good reason to write.


Just remember to have fun. That's what I'm telling myself to do!