From The Editor: Why We Must Write

From The Editor:
Why We Must Write  

©2001, Lazette Gifford

Both Holly Lisle's Vision and the Forward Motion Writer's Community represent facets of our freedom that the people who attacked the World Trade Center are against.  First, this site is run by Holly Lisle, who is an educated woman: women are not allowed education under the fanatics.  Second -- and this affects all of us who frequent Vision and Forward Motion -- the combined sites are dedicated to freedom of imagination.  We write many genres, including science fiction, fantasy and horror, and these are types of material banned under those who attacked us.   

What had been simply something we did for ourselves should now become something we can do to shout in the face of those who are opposed to these gifts of imagination and entertainment. 

Most of us have not lost anything tangible in this first strike, even if our souls are wounded.  We have all stepped back, looked at our world, and tried to make some sense of what is happening, and what is important.  Many at the Forward Motion Community have found it difficult to go back to writing.  However, we run the risk of trivializing our freedoms if we do not continue with the work at we have loved.  No, it is not as important as working on the front lines as an EMS (as our own Forward Motion Moderator Shane P. Carr did).  Most of us will probably not go into battle, though we have one person (Blackus1) already called up in the reserves.   

But we can imagine, create and write things that these people would deny us if they could.  Don't give up what others, in fact, have already died for, and abandon your right to this important freedom.  Don't give the enemy even that little win. 

(For a list of just some of the restrictions on life under the Taliban -- who have sided with bin Laden, and share many of his beliefs  -- look at this page:   There is also a report on about a woman who went into Afghanistan to see how life was: )