From Holly: Happy New Year


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From Holly:

Happy New Year


Holly Lisle

Copyright © 2002, Holly Lisle,All Rights Reserved


Happy New Year, and welcome to our second year's first issue.

We have in fact, thanks to our wonderful managing editor Lazette Gifford, now completed seven issues of this magazine, got them out the door on time, and had people find and read them. At moment like this, when I'm otherwise thinking about the sanity of what I do for a living, that's a comforting thought. Big things broken into small pieces.

The last year has been challenging for me -- November and December more so than I could have imagined. But ... again ... I've taking the mammoth task of writing a novel in a couple of months, broken it into small tasks, and I'm well on the way to completion. I expect by February first to have the whole thing done and in the mail. It was a challenge to decide to throw away not just the first but also the second version and start from scratch with a deadline right on top of me. I know I made the right decision; the book is miles beyond what it would have been otherwise. But money-wise and security-wise, it's been an uncomfortable one.

That's writing as a career -- it entails risks, hard choices, rough moments, and no guarantees. It isn't for everyone.

In this issue we bring you a great many facets of writing as a hobby and writing as a career. I hope you enjoy the issue, and find it useful.

And I hope you came up with some great resolutions. Come join us on the boards -- we'll help you stick to them. Remember -- big goals, small steps.

Holly Lisle