From the Editor: How did I ever get here?


Vision 9


From the Editor:

How did I ever get here?


Lazette Gifford

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I love rewriting just as much as I love writing original material. There is something truly wonderful when I go through my material and bring it closer to the vision of the original.  Oh sure, there are moments of pure frustration -- but then I have those when I write as well.  But editing has its own magic and moments of sheer joy when the right word, phrase, and scene fall into place.

I never expected to be an editor for a publication.  I'm sure there are people who look at the idea of me editing anything, including my own work, and cringe.  My first publisher would probably be one of them.  I'm surprised Holly had faith in me, given that she's seen some of my material.

But here I am.  However, what's even odder than finding myself the editor of an ezine, is finding that I love the work.  Sure there are moments of frustration.  I often wonder why we bother with publishing guidelines, and if I get one more piece without the author's name on the article, I'm going to start making them up.

But here I am, nonetheless.  This is our 9th issue. We've done very well in our first year and a half.  I was lucky to find myself in the right place at the right time, and have the opportunity to do this work.

And that should be a sign to all of you of two things:

First, learn every aspect of writing that you can, because you never know when an opportunity might strike, and you suddenly find yourself doing something different -- and find you like it.

And second -- don't purposely annoy anyone.  You never know which one might become an editor.