From Holly: And More Changes...


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From Holly:

And More Changes...


Holly Lisle

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Hi, folks!

No battle plan survives first engagement with the enemy.  And apparently no simple-in-theory site move can survive first contact with a disastrous hosting company.  The site is currently in disarray, and I've been struggling to keep my own wordcounts up while getting everything back in working order.

It's been an interesting couple of months -- between finishing the revision on the Book-That-Would-Not-Die, The Wreck of Heaven; starting back in on my first romance novel since my very first novel of all; and the site move that has had some community regulars making grim references to desert treks across harsh alien landscapes.  Community members came together to fill an emergency moving fund in six hours, with people still asking to donate after the fund closed.  I've gotten examples of both the best and the worst of people.  And had a clear reminder about writing, both as a career and as a life path.  Which is this --

Persistence and passion, more than talent or luck or any other factor, will win the day.  When things are going badly, find a way to laugh at your disasters, but after you're through laughing, just keep going.

You'll get there.  We'll ALL get there.

Hang in, write well, and never give up on your dreams,