From Holly Happy New Year 2003

Vision 13


From Holly

Happy New Year


Holly Lisle

Copyright © 2003, Holly Lisle, All Rights Reserved

Welcome to Vision's third year. I'm excited about the possibilities in store for all of us -- we have a great year planned for the e-zine, some good goals set, some excellent challenges before us. We'll be searching for ways to help you both set and reach your own writing goals this year, with each issue of Vision aimed at a different aspect of developing and producing and eventually selling your work. 

I hope join us for the adventure, and that you'll take every day as an opportunity to learn something new and exciting, and to pursue writing -- this magnificent obsession and this divine madness -- as the worthy and wonderful dream that it is. We'll be right beside you; we share this dream. 

Happy New Year, and thank you for spending part of it with us.

Holly Lisle