From Holly: March/April Intro


Vision 14


From Holly:

March/April Intro


Holly Lisle


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I'm fresh from finishing a novel I've been working on -- if only intermittently -- for ten years.  This is the first such sustained project I've ever done, and, having just crawled out from under the revision read-through but with the actual revision type-in still facing me, I have to say, I don't ever want to do this again.  It's much easier to revise a book that isn't a patchwork of material from the past decade; style is more consistent, continuity errors tend to be small rather than huge, and the story idea that you started with at the beginning hasn't morphed three times during the process, leaving shreds of dead books fossilized in the still-living text. 

So that's my Tip for the Month:  Books written in under a year are more fun to revise.

With that probably-useless little info-bit out of the way, then, let's take a look at this month's issue.  For March/April, Vision takes on Worldbuilding, which can be either a miserable ordeal or the most delightful of tasks.  Our writers are going to show you their takes on making it fun, exciting, and worthwhile.   We also have my quiz on writing to save the world, technical and genre-specific articles, our book review, and much more.

And because I have already done quite a few articles on worldbuilding, I'm including links to those in place of a new worldbuilding workshop.


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  3. Fantasy Is Not for Sissies: Real Rules for Real Worlds --
  4. The Maps Workshop --
  5. How Much of My World Do I Build?: A Workshop for Over- and Under-Builders --
  6. Lost on the Border at Twilight: Finding -- and Using -- Your Life's Essential Strangeness --

Keep writing,

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                And never give up on your dreams.