From the Editor (63)

Issue 63

From the Editor

There's Never Enough Time


Lazette Gifford

Copyright © 2011, Lazette Gifford, All Rights Reserved


In this issue's Questions for Authors, I noticed that some of the authors had the same feelings toward 'time off' as I do -- there just isn't enough time already. This is a feeling I can fully understand, even though I am blessed with more time to write than most people. I even take advantage of it, and yet I find myself perpetually feeling as though I can't get nearly enough done


I suspect this is a curse of creative people. There is so much we want to share, and we all know how long it takes from idea to finished project. The isn't enough time! That overwhelming sense of needing to rush through work can lead to a number of problems, of course.


Like forgetting you need to write a 'From the Editor' note for the current issue until three hours before it should go live.


Rush, rush, rush. .

 . .

Stop. Think about it


Sometimes the problem isn't just the lack of time, but rather not using the time we have wisely. If you have an hour to write before work, but you spend half of the time straightening things on your desk, then you are wasting your writing time. If you spend more time doing blog posts about writing than you do writing on your current project, then -- yes -- you are wasting time.


In my case, I have not gotten used to the idea that Joomla easily allows me to have all the pieces ready to go live well ahead of time. I should be sending contacts and paying for articles as soon as I can, and when I get that contract back, go straight to work on setting the article up. Things would be much easier if I'd start doing work that way.


There will never be enough time, though. We might as well all get used to it


Take advantage of the time you have -- and be sure you enjoy it as much as you can. Writing can be frustrating, annoying and -- yes -- time consuming, but there is nothing like creating the tales you want to tell. And remember, only you can tell the stories you imagine.


So get to work. And have fun.