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Good News from Forward Motion!


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Look for Forward Motion for Writers in the A-Z list on the right side of the page -- the listing says, "Forward Motion for Writers -- Get answers and how-to help from experienced science-fiction and fantasy authors. "  

Good News from Forward Motion Members! 

Moderator Jennifer St. Clair sold fantasy YA novel The Tenth Ghost to

New Moderator Christina Stiles has placed her article "Breaking into the Gaming Biz" with Games Unplugged magazine. Tentative publication issue is #9, due in June.

Alison Starkweather won first place for "Saving Aren" and second place for "Life-Bond in the Inkspot contest for everyone on the Young Writer's Spec. Fic. forum. 

Member Mallika Khuansathavoranit won first place in the Nation Junior Magazine Creative Writing Competition

Moderator Justin Stanchfield received contracts for his story to be anthologized in the SFF-net Bones of the World anthology.  He also received the contributor's copies of the story he published in Boys' Life. Justin Stanchfield had a story reviewed for the first time -- the story Guynemer, published in Issue 7 of Indigenous Fiction, got a rave review from Matt Hayes of Spicy Green Iguana

An excerpt from the review reads, "The best tale from this bunch for me was "Guynemer" by Justin Stanchfield. It is a bizarre science fiction story about a pilot caught in a singularity who must make a decision to attempt a risky escape orbit or wait for assistance. As he sleeps to conserve energy he is approached by an early 20th century flying ace who helps guide him in his decision to wait or jump. Definitely entertaining and definitely not your everyday science fiction. "
To find the review, go to the bottom of the Spicy Green Iguana page, look in the left hand column, click on Reviews, find "The Atomic Iguana" by Matt Hayes at the top right.
Justin also won a prize from Shadowkeep for his flash fiction ultrashort Mathematics of Magic.

Member Caroline Allard has achieved her first publication. The story, The Savior, a wonderfully written little bit of evil, is now available at The Murder Hole -- definitely check this out!  She has also placed a second story with The Murder Hole. Drop in and congratulate her.

Member Gabe Chouinard will be writing a regular column for a new SF site. He'll be exploring the fringes of speculative fiction.
Member Dave Behrend got a fantastic rejection letter recommending him to a different publisher.


The soundtrack CD for Robin Catesby's world premiere production of The Velveteen Rabbit is now available at MAH Records, the record company of composer Michael Allen Harrison.

 (  The new musical adaptation played Dec 21 through 24 in Portland Oregon.  For more information about the production, the script and the music (including the original cast recording CD), visit .

Moderator Lazette Gifford has a short story in the Jackhammer Ezine "Best Of" anthology -- As Seen on the Web, and was named Writer of the Month at Ideomancer Ezine for April. She also has three stories available there, plus one more at Anotherealm . Zette also sold a fantasy novelette to Eggplant Productions.

Lazette's first novel, Silky, is available from Embiid Publishing. ( 

Years of slavery have robbed Silky of his magical abilities, and left him with no expectations of a better life, until his act of unselfish bravery delivers him into the hands of a powerful Lord of the land.  Adapting to the new household, he struggles to recover the magic that can help him protect Lord Reed from his dangerous enemies.


Exciting, complex and richly textured, with a world you'll believe and a protagonist you have to cheer for -- Silky is wonderful. 
--Holly Lisle, author of Courage of Falcons

Holly Lisle's current book -- on the stands now!

To defeat the Dragons, Kait and Ry must destroy the source of the sorcerers' power -- the Mirror of Souls. But if they succeed, they will lose the only weapon that can stop Luercas from becoming a demonic god who will enslave the entire world . . . forever.
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