Good News From Forward Motion Issue # 5

Good News
From Forward Motion

Holly  was interviewed by Fiction Factor.  Read the results here: mentioned in the current newsletter from Moira Allen at Writing World, the link is

Holly Lisle's Vision: A Resource for Writers has won its first award!

Moderator Justin Stanchfield reports that he as a story in the new ebook anthology, The Lawbreakers.

Looks like Caroline Allard and Justin will be half of the September output of flash fiction at ShadowKeep.  If anyone is interested in writing a flash story - 500 words or less - ShadowKeep is still looking for a few more. No pay, but great fun!

Member Robert Sloan  has had  “Black Days and Blazing Nights” accepted by Morbid Musings for issue # 2. Morbid Musings Online

 Moderator Ron Brown  placed a story with Futures that should be appearing in October.

New Gaming Moderator  Christina Stiles has I freelanced 4 monster descriptions for a roleplaying game supplement entitled, Liber Beastarius, by Eden Studios. The book should be  released in this fall or winter.

Additionally, she will be editing a book of non-player characters for Atlas Games that will be released in 2002.

Jennifer St. Clair Bush's The Tenth Ghost is now available at .

The soundtrack CD for Robin Catesby's world premiere production of The Velveteen Rabbit is now available at MAH Records, the record company of composer Michael Allen Harrison.

 (  The new musical adaptation played Dec 21 through 24 in Portland Oregon.  For more information about the production, the script and the music (including the original cast recording CD), visit .

Moderator Lazette Gifford has placed a few more stories, including Weber's Site to Dark Moon Rising. ( ) and Legend to Ideomancer( ), both of which will be available in September.   Her story, Sumerian Nights at Alternate Realities ( been given one of the first Webmaster's Choice Awards from Ahmed Khan's Index of Fiction On Line, and A Fate Cast in Stones (  ) was chosen as one of Paula's Picks.

She has also placed 24 stories in 24 months,  since her very first sale to Jackhammer Ezine back in July, 1999.

Lazette's first novel, Silky, is available from Embiid Publishing. (

Exciting, complex and richly textured, with a world you'll believe and a protagonist you have to cheer for -- Silky is wonderful.
--Holly Lisle, author of Courage of Falcons


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