Good News, Vision #6

Good News From
 Forward Motion

Vincalis the AgitatorCover work for Holly's new novel, Vincallis the Agitator, to be released in March, 2002:

Holly Lisle's acclaimed trilogy THE SECRET TEXTS is the epic adventure of heroes battling a resurrected evil that had nearly destroyed the world a millennium before. Now Holly Lisle take readers back to the days of that ancient apocalypse -- and to the decadent heart of a fantastic, doomed empire . . .

Glory of the Dragons

Based on a science of sorcery called Dragon magic, the Hars Ticlarim is a miraculous place of mansions built on clouds and gardens blooming diamonds beneath canopies of captive stars. But this incomparable beauty hides a dark core: Dragon magic draws its power from the agony of slaves who are killed for sorcerous fuel. And for three thousand years, no one has dared question the empire's inhuman cruelty . . . until now.

Wraith, a boy with an uncanny power, seeks the art to foment a revolution within the Hars Ticlarim. Solander, a brilliant young mage, believed he has discovered a totally new form of magic. Luercas, a sadistic noble, will commit any crime that furthers his ambition. All three are clever, resolute, driven -- and naive. For they challenge the rulers of a globe-spanning power that has endured for millennia -- rulers who will do anything to stay in power forever . . .

Holly Lisle's current book -- on the stands now!

To defeat the Dragons, Kait and Ry must destroy the source of the sorcerers' power -- the Mirror of Souls. But if they succeed, they will lose the only weapon that can stop Luercas from becoming a demonic god who will enslave the entire world . . . forever.
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 Moderator S. L. Viehl has two new Releases:

Dream Mountain (writing as Gena Hale) 10/10 published by Onyx (NAL)

Shockball (StarDocIV) 11/09 published by Roc SF/F

And has sold:

Melting the Iceman and two additional romance novels to Onyx (NAL)

A Matter of Consultation (AH short story) to Baen

Moderator Jennifer St. Clair Bush's The Tenth Ghost is available at the Writers' Exchange E-publishing.  Anyone curious and who might not want to wait for the print version next year, here's the address:

Bryn Neuenschwander has had a request for a rewrite from Ace editor Anne Sowards. 

Moderator Justin Stanchfield's  story "To The Sea, Our Tears Returned" is out in the Bones Of The World anthology, available from or Barnes and Noble. He also received a Nebula recommendation (his first ever!) for this story.

Caroline Allard had a short story (A Matter of Curiosity) published at Shadowkeep ( ) in September, and a micro fiction (Winter Blast) at The Murder Hole (  ).

Moderators Shane P. Carr and Anne M. Marble both sold the electronic reprint rights of Vision articles to Moira Allen's 'Writing-World.'

Moderator Lazette Gifford sold Living in Caine's Hold to Embiid Publishing. ( )

Her novella, Last Days of Faneh Thenyal out in December from Jintsu ( ), where you can read an excerpt.

Lazette's first novel, Silky, is available from Embiid Publishing. (

Exciting, complex and richly textured, with a world you'll believe and a protagonist you have to cheer for -- Silky is wonderful. 
--Holly Lisle, author of Courage of Falcons