Good News from Forward Motion Vision # 10


Vision 10

Good News from Forward Motion

Holly's latest book is just hitting the stands!  If you can't find it order it from your local book stores!  (This is better for authors than ordering on-line -- it keeps their numbers up where they count!)

Look for it in bookstores now!

Holly Lisle's acclaimed trilogy THE SECRET TEXTS is the epic adventure of heroes battling a resurrected evil that had nearly destroyed the world a millennium before. Now Holly Lisle take readers back to the days of that ancient apocalypse -- and to the decadent heart of a fantastic, doomed empire . . .

Glory of the Dragons

Based on a science of sorcery called Dragon magic, the Hars Ticlarim is a miraculous place of mansions built on clouds and gardens blooming diamonds beneath canopies of captive stars. But this incomparable beauty hides a dark core: Dragon magic draws its power from the agony of slaves who are killed for sorcerous fuel. And for three thousand years, no one has dared question the empire's inhuman cruelty . . . until now.

Wraith, a boy with an uncanny power, seeks the art to foment a revolution within the Hars Ticlarim. Solander, a brilliant young mage, believed he has discovered a totally new form of magic. Luercas, a sadistic noble, will commit any crime that furthers his ambition. All three are clever, resolute, driven -- and naive. For they challenge the rulers of a globe-spanning power that has endured for millennia -- rulers who will do anything to stay in power forever . . . 

Holly Lisle's current books -- on the stands now!

 Moderator S. L. Viehl has two new Releases:

  • Dream Mountain (writing as Gena Hale) 10/10 published by Onyx (NAL)

  • Shockball (StarDocIV) 11/09 published by Roc SF/F

And has sold:

  • Melting the Iceman and two additional romance novels to Onyx (NAL)

  • A Matter of Consultation (AH short story) to Baen   

Emily Horner's first sold story, Blood and Fire" will appear in the July issue of "Quantum Muse"!

Robert A. Sloan made his first paying fiction sale to Pegasus Prose, High Goth sold to editor Simon Owens. This new SFFH ezine will feature High Goth in Issue One.

Cheryl Peugh had "A Night at the Leaping Stag Inn" accepted in the last issue of the webzine "Dragonlaugh." 

Frederick Obermeyer  has a superhero story "Split Decision" in Midnight Rose.

Julia Pass recently sold a short story, "Stalk," to Brian Knight's Dark Offspring anthology, which may be available in August.

Fred Phillips' story "Domestic Dispute" has been accepted by Winter Raven magazine.

Assistant Site Host Lazette Gifford has several new pieces available through ezines and epublishers:

The Dark Staff Series
Book 1
Double Dragon Ebooks
(Early July)


Beyond the Skyline
Edited by
Selina Rosen

Yard Dog Press

This is a collection of first reactions to the tragedy of September 11th, and includes not only my short piece, but also Elizabeth Moon, Vera Nazarian, Linda Dunn... and many others in all walks of life.  Money from sales will be given to specific families who lost loved ones in the attack.

The Last Days of Faneh-Thenyal
Jintsu E-texts.

Bittersweet and poignant, Lazette Gifford's novelette "The Last Days of Faneh-Thenyal" is a highly original take on the last days of a fading empire, and the courage of one man who dares to see and act beyond the ordinary repercussions of conquest.--Vera Nazarian,  author of DREAMS OF THE COMPASS ROSE



Embiid Publishing

Exciting, complex and richly textured, with a world you'll believe and a protagonist you have to cheer for -- Silky is wonderful. 
--Holly Lisle, author of Courage of Falcons