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Book Review:

Wrede on Writing:

Tips, Hints and Opinions on Writing
by Patricia C. Wrede


Lazette Gifford

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Book Review

Wrede on Writing: Tips, Hints and Opinions on Writing by Patricia C. Wrede


A very nice friend gave me an ebook copy of Wrede on Writing believing I might enjoy this wonderful, overlooked gem. I fell in love with the book. This is one of the best books on writing I have ever read and I find it a shame that more people are not mentioning it.

This is not another book of writing rules. Instead, Wrede has written a book about writing that is filled with tidbits of great help to those who are searching their way through the haze to find what works for them. Honestly, nearly all of us are still out there in the haze no matter where we are in our careers. Here is someone who is willing to impart wisdom gained along her own path, and do so in a way that is uplifting and encouraging.

The sections in the book, each with several short chapters (originally these were blog posts) are Getting Started, Basics (with the great chapter called The LEGO Theory of Writing), Not-So-Basics, Business Side, and In Summary: There is No One True Way. The Business Side is geared towards traditional publishing, but everything else is helpful for Indie and Traditional authors.

You may recognize Patricia C. Wrede's name from a number of wonderful fantasy books she's written. Check out her site for more information about her books and for a link to her blog (Wrede on Writing) to see more of her writing-related posts. Be sure to note her website and the blog there because it continues to be a wonderful resource for people who may be lost in the wilds of the Internet, trying to find anyone with some solid, helpful information.

The book itself is a delight to read. Wrede gives more useful information in this book than I've seen in practically any other. Not only does she discuss ways to approach writing, but she also deals with writer-related problems like the chapters on How to be a Writer and another on Stressing Out. She deals with Building a World as well as the problem of Obsessive Overbuilding. Other chapters are Choice Paralysis, Where are We, Fantasy Vs. Reality, and In Praise of Editors.

Here is a wonderful paragraph from the closing section of the book, and her motto should be every writer's motto:

There is no One True Way to write. (This is practically my motto and has been for years.) I know professional writers who outline, who don’t outline, who start at the beginning, in the middle, at the end, who start with characters, with plot, with setting, with theme, with idea, who develop whatever bits they’re missing in every order imaginable. And they all write books that sell, and many of them win awards.

Wrede on Writing is published by Diversion Books in 2013 ( ISBN: 978-1-62681-221-5

You can find it on Amazon Here

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For $3.99 in ebook format, you cannot go wrong. Print versions are also available.