Lazette Gifford

Lazette Gifford

Lazette Gifford is the owner, publisher and editor for Vision: A Resource for Writers.  She also owns Forward Motion for Writers and A Conspiracy of Authors.  She is also a prolific author with several novels and short stories available.


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Check out Zette's other works:

Journey to Winter
Prince Nishanan is taken against his will from the golden sands of the south to live with relatives in the dark, bleak castle of Maxillia. Mistrusting everyone, he soon finds that he has the interest of Thrulan, a dark and dangerous mage who has brought him to this winter land -- but for what purpose?
Don't Go Home for the Holidays: A Tale of Spies, Aliens and Very Bad Timing
The year is 1996 and the Sangre sisters think they work for the UN However, when things get out of hand over the Christmas holidays, they learn they're in the employ of aliens and their lives are about to become extremely complicated with mutants, time travel and psychic crossword puzzle books.
For the Honor of the Hunt
Andradora has been ruled by women since the first landing, but that's changing. Britta is a registered and professional bounty hunter on the path of a dangerous criminal and she is about to learn what equality means when she discovers that the world's first male bounty hunter has gotten in ahead of her.
The small settlement on the world of Caliente is suffering from a devastating drought and the two segments of the population are coming to blows over the remaining water. Someone has to be daring to keep everyone alive and Carmen del Santo Palo, a leader of one of the gangs, is reluctantly taking up the challenge.
Xenation: Draw the Line
When humans found the abandoned -- and ancient -- space station, they moved in to study the place they called Xeno-Station, and then shortened to Xenation. Following them came three other races, all intent on learning secrets. Only now one of the humans has a dangerous link to the heart and controls of this alien place, and he's learning there are secrets and dangers no one imagined.


Paid in Gold and Blood
Katashan left behind his past; all the good and the bad, including his belief that the gods would help him in a time of need. Moving to a new land, he has every intention of starting a new life. What he finds, though, is the body of a woman sacrificed at the foot of a statue to a benevolent goddess.


Vita's Vengeance
Alsandor Vita has returned home with bad news for those who hoped outsiders would help against a treacherous enemy poised to invade their world. Despite the situation, Alsandor hadn't expected dramatic changes in his own future, but unusual circumstances soon give him a chance to fight the war in ways he never expected.


Fighter Pilot Marcus Trevor is the only survivor of a treacherous attack against the star ship on which he served. Injured and alone, he must take refuge on the world of Kailani, a place of vast stretches of water and where a large portion of the population is genetically adapted to living in the sea.
"Exciting, complex and richly textured, with a world you'll believe and a protagonist you have to cheer for -- Silky is wonderful." Holly Lisle (Quote from original 1998 Embiid Publishing release.)
Kat Among The Pigeons
Kat and her boyfriend frantically fight the enemy with the aid of a lazy tom cat, an African gray parrot who only speaks in verse, and a wise-cracking cockatiel with a bad attitude. She's trying very hard not to think the world is doomed.