From the Editor: Good-Bye and Good Luck


Vision 80


From the Editor:

Good-Bye and Good Luck


Lazette Gifford

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Those who write are the true people of vision. They see fantastic, exotic places in their minds, and they hear the voices of people who do not speak to anyone else.

Those were the opening lines of my first Editor's Note back in January, 2001. When I started Vision, I didn't really think about it five years down the road, let alone fifteen. Putting together 80 issues of Vision has been fun and interesting, but (as stated in The Final Issue of Vision), the way in which people get their writing information has changed.

The number of interesting articles in the archives is incredible. You can find them by looking at the Table of Contents of each issue or going through the categories listing, which is slowly getting more material as I move it to the Joomla! site. Vision will not get new issues, but it won't be abandoned.

So, here are my last words:

Go write those visions you see, create the exotic places, and let your characters speak. Introduce them to others through your books. Enjoy the process. We are the real magic makers in the world and always remember that no one else can write the story that you can create.

Good luck!

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