Sponsoring Vision: A Resource for Writers


Sponsoring Vision: A Resource for Writers


Vision is offering a limted advertising opportunity in the quarterly ezine.


For $60 a single advertiser (never more than one per issue) will have a large ad on the front page, banners on all the other pages, and a separate page with no more than 500 words of text.  This page can be used as a sample for advertising books, for instance.


Advertising is limited to authors and publishers.  The editor of the ezine reserves the right to turn down any ad which does not fit in the style and nature of Vision: A Resource for Writers.


Accepted ads will require artwork (logo or cover art) and a short blurb for the banners, as well as material for the seperate page and web links.


Large art should be  no wider than 500 pixels.


Banners are 600 by 200 pixels


For more information please contact me.