The Future of Vision: A Resource for Writers


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The Future of Vision: A Resource for Writers


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The Future of Vision: A Resource for Writers


Have you enjoyed reading Vision: A Resource for Writers? Has it provided helpful articles and inspired you to write and improve your craft?

This is the fourteenth year in production and it may be the last. I am not getting many new articles and I am not getting feedback from readers. The combination of the two makes it difficult to keep rounding up new issues every few months.

Fourteen years is a long time for an e-zine to run. The sheer number of articles is amazing -- I know because I'm copying them from the old site to the new one. Perhaps that makes potential article writers think they can't have anything to add to the mix, but it's not true.

Every writer has a unique approach to the craft. Even relatively new writers know what has inspired them to start this quest or have found the bits and pieces that help them work. Everyone starts somewhere on the journey to publication, and it can seem to those who have completed and published works that they have mapped out the best path. However, they may have forgotten those first few years, feeling their way through the mire of advice. Always outline, never outline. Write quickly and get the story down; take time over every phrase and polish each word as you write. For every 'you must' there is an opposite side, and writers shouting that this is the best -- if not the only -- way for you to write.

You have to find your own way. That's why Vision is constantly seeking out articles. Everyone has their own approach and you never know when the single little twist that you do for yours is the key someone else needs to push past a problem.

Writing isn't simply about plot and grammar. Those are important aspects of storytelling, but the real, important factor is you. You bring a unique voice to the written page. No one can tell the story you want to write except you. Sit three writers down and tell them to write about a hit man, a vampire and a dragon and you will have three entirely different stories. Some people say there are no new ideas and that may be true, but there are always different approaches.

And that is what you bring to the table. You are unique as a writer.

You might have something to share with other writers. Think about it. World building advice? Plotting? Finding the time and energy simply to sit down at a computer and work? Maybe you have a special way of creating character traits or names. As long as you are seriously pursuing your work as a writer, chances are good that you have something to say to other writers, no matter if you are already published or not.

Check out the Vision Guidelines. Consider submitting a short article, or at least dropping me a line to let me know if you enjoy Vision.

I look forward to hearing from you.