From the Editor: Things that Change


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From the Editor:

Things that Change


Lazette Gifford

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Two days after I finished editing the last of issue of Vision and got it up online, I had a heart attack. It was incredibly painful and scary, but not as bad as it might have been. I was lucky. I took that luck into account and started planning on how I could change things.

People were appalled when they realized I was still writing rather large amounts only days after the heart attack. I was told by people who should know better that I needed to stop writing, rest, not do this work.

Work? Work is coding material for Vision. Work is coming up with posts for Forward Motion. Writing is my true love in life, and the idea that I should have stopped and 'rested' was insane to me. I would have gone crazy and there would have been far more serious trouble before long. Writing is a release and since I write fun adventures for the most part, they were a great way to 'escape' from the real world for a while. So, I had a heart attack on July 2nd. I still did July NaNo and wrote over 100k in words. And I loved it all.

I have two outlines ready for the November insanity of NaNo and I will have at least one, if not two, more done. I might not write them all, which is fine. There's always January, when I start a new novel. This will be my thirteenth year and I haven't written less than 100k since the first year. It didn't occur to me to write a second novel that first year, even though I had time.

Fun. Life should be filled with what fun you can find, even when things are not going quite as well as you might have hoped. Writing can be fun for many people. Don't let yourself make it into work and lose that wonderful feeling of escape and creativity that is yours alone. Others won't understand. Even other writers might not understand why you are writing at one in the morning and grinning brightly despite an early morning wakeup call. That wakeup call is for work. It gets enough of your time as it is, and it's rarely fun.

I am more determined than ever to enjoy every story I write. I have made other changes in my life, but I hope that this is one that I'll never give up. Having something you enjoy doing is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Enjoy it while you can.