From Holly: Talent

From Holly:

©2001, Holly Lisle

Talent.  Right.  It’s harder to nail down than Jello on ice.  It’s nice to have . . . probably.  It’s might be useful – but is it necessary?  You know the smartest guy in your graduating class and he’s living under a bridge now; you remember the girl with the Whitney Huston pipes and she’s still working at the McDonald’s down the street, fifteen years after you both graduated.  Meanwhile, that talentless hack (Insert Name Here) is making a million dollars a book. 

So what is talent worth, and what you do to make yours pay off? 

Read on, my fellow slogger-after-words, read on.  Inside this issue, you’ll find encouragement, observations, and, (this said in a George Carlin voice) practical advice . . . because some people need practical advice. 

Because if Insert Name Here, the bum, is making a million dollars a book, it isn’t because God gave him talent on a platter.  If he can do it, perhaps you can, too. 

Write, believe, and never give up on your dreams, 

Holly Lisle